The Best of Everything by Rona Jaffe

Welcome to my first post, dear reader!

I’m not quite sure what I’m doing here yet so please hold my hand for a little while along my blog journey…

The first book I want to tell you about is The Best of Everything by Rona Jaffe.  Before I started reading I really wasn’t sure that I was going to like it at all – to be honest, I was half expecting superficial “chick-lit”.  However, I was more than a little delighted that the book offered so much more than that.  I loved it.  From the very first page I was hooked, and I was so caught up in the story I very nearly missed my stop a few times on the commute home!

The Best of Everything is in essence the story of a group of single women living and working in 1950s New York.  Each character has her quirks and flaws; none could be described as “the perfect heroine” but for me this simply made these women engaging and believable.  Their stories have stayed with me weeks after finishing reading.

It was fascinating to get an insight into the daily life and dilemmas of women in the 50s. Some of the views held by society at that time seem so out-dated, yet many others are still so relevant to the modern-day world.  The novel deals with so many themes: men, marriage, affairs, abortions, careers and cocktails to name just a few.

I felt that by the end of the book I had learnt a lot about New York and its people.  If you love New York, this book is for you.  If you love reading about strong, vibrant (and sometimes vulnerable) women, this book is also for you.  Try it and thank me later…


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