New year, new books, new way of reading…

Happy new year!  I hope all of you who find joy in such things were all given a big pile of books to unwrap and discover this Christmas.  For me, it’s usually the main reason to get excited about Christmas and birthdays, but this year I was forced to give strict instructions to everyone not to buy me any books.  I’ve picked up so many over the year that I genuinely don’t have space for more right now.  So guess what I got instead?  A Kindle!

What’s that?  Do I hear booing and hissing?  A cry of “traitor”?

I always thought I’d be a die-hard paper-only kind of reader.  It’s only been in recent months that I’ve been looking into the wonders of Kindle-reading and finding out what all the fuss is about.  Don’t get me wrong: I still believe that there’s nothing which can replace the sensory delights of a hard- or paperback novel.  What I’m interested in are the alternative types of reading experiences available to eBook readers.  What am I missing out on by only reading paper books?

From what I can see there’s not a lot of point (personally) in buying a recently-released eBook, as you’re only saving a couple of pounds on the paper price.  I usually don’t read new releases anyway, as the thrill of the chase for me is in spotting a long-desired book on the shelf of a charity shop or in an unassuming cardboard box at a car boot sale.  I’m keen to get my e-kicks in a similar way by discovering that I can buy the complete works of Sherlock Holmes for 77p in the Kindle store, or that I can sample a self-published writer’s novel for free without clogging up my bookshelves.

One of the other advantages of a Kindle or other e-reader is that you can travel ridiculously easily with your one, light device without being weighed down by those ten essential holiday reads (you don’t want to be caught short).  This aspect was a big bonus for me.  I have of course mentioned this benefit to my other half and suggested that, having bought me my new Kindle, it would only be fair to also find a suitable holiday destination in order to scientifically test exactly how convenient this would be.  There’s been no progress in this area yet but I shall persist.


Mauritius: Suggested location for Kindle-testing

In conclusion then, I’m never going to give up my books unless it’s over my dead body, and even then with much resistance.  I’m chuffed to bits with my little Kindle because of the additional reading possibilities I think it will open up for me.  I’m yet to read a full eBook yet, but I’ll be sure to report back as soon as I do.

A quick aside…

The more observant of you have already noticed that I’ve started my challenge of clearing a backlog of unread books by reading random authors A through to Z.  I started quietly and without fanfare with my review of Cecilia Ahern’s The Gift as I wasn’t sure whether to stop and begin a different reading challenge instead.  However, I’ve realised that in order to do justice to the one I had in mind a lot more research is needed!  So I’ll continue with the A to Z theme for now but I may not stick to it too seriously.  As long as we’re all reading something, that’s the main thing, isn’t it?


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