A tent that looks like a book. You heard me.

I wonder if you’re experiencing the same reaction I had.  A tent that looks like a book?  Wow, that sounds amazing!

Wait until you see it…

Keep scrolling…

Tent that looks like a book

Taa daa!

I hope I’m not alone in revelling in the awesomeness of such a tent.  It looks like a book… but it’s a tent!  I found an article about it on Mediabistro.com, who luckily wanted to share their find.  The aim of FieldCandy, who sells it, was to make it look: “like a giant has dropped his favourite best seller”.

Fully Booked tent in a field

Alongside this Fully Booked tent, FieldCandy also sells loads of other quirky tents, like this one:

Sheet tent

And this:

Snug as a bug tent

I want that book tent so much it hurts.  Unfortunately, at £495 it’s a little out of my price range.  Perhaps there’s something similar out there at a slightly more reasonable price?  I’m also open to ogling further outrageously expensive items (functional or otherwise) which look like books if anyone happens to know of any.

Alternatively, if you are a millionaire and take a fancy to this tent, please buy it and send me a photo of you in it, so that at least I’d know it’s being appreciated by fellow book lovers.  Or as a thank-you for introducing you to such a marvellous object, you could invite me along on your next camping trip.  Just a suggestion.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. RedRoadDiaries
    Jul 11, 2012 @ 23:42:44

    very cool. How are you as an artist, perhaps with a few quarts of paint…?


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